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Could you do a photo set of chunky/round/voluptuous/fat asian women? — asked by Anonymous

There is an upcoming chubby gallery for Mr. AJgeek, as far as quality chubby girls who are also Asian.  That’s going to be difficult, no guarantees.


Late Night NSFW Discussion: Who (what) Would You Like To See In Their Own Gallery?

In addition to CBZ’s regular galleries, what theme galley would YOU like to see?  It can be a specific fetish, body part/type or model you think deserves a full spread heh.

If you dont mind me asking what happened to the Men of the week, I sorely miss the man candy posts that happened once and a while. — asked by raabhimelf-deactivated20130130

Sorry for the lack of weekly cock, I’ve been moving and my young niece was here.  And I can’t really NSFW blog much while she is here.  I’ll do my best to have them back soon.

In the meantime


Stunning soft body

Can anyone identify this woman.  I need see more of her.  I bet one of your followers can help.

asked by -beautifulwomen-24-7


Did some digging and apparently the shot was by Rodibest.  He lists the model as  ”Rose” with nothing else to identify her.  Keep in mind, I didn’t do a lot of digging on this one so heres the original, you may have luck searching his portfolio.


Just want to say soxxie is knocking it out of the park with the posts on ihcnsfw. — asked by Anonymous

Help! Need to know what this is from…

Long time reader, first time poster. I have this little porn clip (which is on almost every streaming porn site out there) but I haven’t been able to find anyone who knows what the name of the movie it is from is. I would really, REALLY like to know. I figured that perhaps someone here might be able to help me out!


Well the video itself has been pulled, but from the tags left behind I am pretty sure the video you talking about is part of Taboo 2.  Being that I’ve personally seen this scene I’m about 90% sure. Taboo 2 focuses on a pretty fucked up family who all fuck each other =/

Here’s a screencap!

Video, go to about 80 or so minutes in and you’ll find the scene you are looking for.



Can you ask IHC if they know the source to this .gif or at least the girl in the gif’s name. -ENDvy


It’s Jessie Rodgers/ Cute Teen Fucked Hard

Here’s the Video